When Jamie contacted me about doing a family photo session for their Christmas cards…he knew EXACTLY where he wanted to go!  Jamie & Alyssa are runners and had come by this beautiful trail more than once, so naturally it was the perfect setting for their session.

We had a great day with beautiful light!  I had run on this trail so many times too!  And while daydreaming during my runs, I had always hoped someone would pick it!  It was actually my third time photographing here!  As soon as I say “log cabin” it doesn’t take long to convince most that it is an ideal spot for a session!  I walked all around analyzing the light and found some locations that fit my description of beautiful light!  Of course top that with a beautiful baby- and voilà!

Oh and look how sweetly this beautiful little baby girl clapped at the end!  She was just a pretty little peanut…and though I wanted to squeeze her like the ENTIRE session, I was able to keep my composure.  I wanted to share some of my favorites!  Enjoy!


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