Well this is my very first personal blog!  This is our precious little girl…who obviously wouldn’t come off of the horsey for pictures, haha!  But that is totally ok with me!  Rather, I like the more candid images of her just playing!  That is exactly how I want to remember her at this age!  Special thanks to my husband, who kept picking up the horsey (with her on it, ha!) and moving it around for me so I would have a little variety in the images, ha!  She loved this horse and just wouldn’t come off!  Too funny!  It will just be something cute to tell her about someday when she is older and I show her these holiday photos!  I will think of that cute story every time I look at them!  I captured these at Something Old in Dayton!  She is at the age where she takes a while to warm up to new places!  She can be quite shy, loves Elmo dearly, and thinks every animal with four legs is a “dog”!  hehe!

Ok guys…so how about these dress shoes?!  Are they the cutest or what?!  They have a small heel and a shiny bow!!  If I looked as cute as she does in them, I would totally have a pair…or actually several pairs!  ha!  Because those who know me and have seen my shoe stash…I am a firm believer that one can never have too many shoes!  LOL  Especially running shoes!  I loved her neutral colored dress!  And yessss…it was HARD for me to pick another color other than pink!  My favorite and signature color!  If it were up to me, I would wear pink 365 days a year…even during Christmas photos, ha!!  Enjoy a few of my favorite images of our sweety girl playing!


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