I would classify this Darby House Wedding as the perfect spring wedding!  From the beautiful lavender shades, to the pastel colored bouquet…every detail was perfect!  The Darby House is just SO scenic!  So Amanda and Ryan’s bride and groom portraits were some of my favorites!!  The ceremony setting has the gorgeous water view along with so much beautiful greenary!  I couldn’t get enough of it!  The Darby House is the perfect place to host everything from ceremony to reception because it is so scenic…there is no need to stop anywhere else for portraits!

Amanda & Ryan are truly a special couple.  I have to give props especially to Amanda.  When the rain came as she walked down the aisle and again in the middle of bride and groom portraits…she was unbelievable calm!  And really held her composure!  Why?  Well, it was so simple to see.  When you marry your best friend…that is all that matters!  This couple proved that they can handle whatever life throws their way…and with grace and a wonderful sense of calmness.

Amanda’s details were so beautiful and everything was color coordinated so well!  Early on in the ceremony, it began to rain!  I have often heard rain on the wedding day is good luck though!  The ceremony was very scenic and facing the water and beautiful greenary.  Just as we completed the bridal party portraits and began their bride and groom portraits…it rained again!  I prayed it would pass and it did!  So we had a very short time for bride and groom portraits!  Upon my early arrival, I had scouted out the locations I knew would provide beautiful backdrops for Amanda & Ryan!  And that’s exactly where we went.  Their reception was so fun!  Filled with a fun touching toasts and lots of dancing!  Here are a few of my favorites!





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