Brookshire Wedding

I am SO excited for Kasi & Chris’s upcoming wedding at The Brookshire!  They are just a joy to be around!  And Kasi is just the absolute cutest!  But one of my favorite and unique things about them as a couple is the story of how they were brought together!!

Kasi & Chris met at a music camp at Ohio Northern University when they were both just in high school!  Years passed by but one day, Chris was working at a music festival.  He went to grab a diet coke but…they were out.  (Good thing!)  Because when he pulled a regular coke out…it ‘just so happens’ the one he pulled out said “share a coke with Kasi”!  YES!!  Spelled “KASI”!  Isn’t that wild?!

Chris sent her a picture of it…and luckily she says she still had the same phone number!  Kasi immediately called him back.  And the rest is history!!  Isn’t this amazing?  I still got the chills when I asked Chris to tell me the story again at their engagement session because I loved hearing it!  And let me tell you they are as special and amazing as their story!  And I truly believe these two were destined to be together!  I am just beyond excited to be a part of their day!  Please enjoy a few of my favorites from this special couple’s engagement session!

Sweet Side Note:  When I talked to Kasi & Chris for the very first time on the phone…I will never forget what he asked me!  “What is the largest size I can print a photo from our wedding?  Poster size??”  If this isn’t an indication of just how sweet they are!!


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