I spend a lot of my days in Ohio dreaming of new places and cities where I would love to photograph couples!  A true destination wedding photographer at heart!  I’ve already crossed one destination wedding off of my bucket list and I feel so blessed to say- it was truly my number one dream location…a wedding in Tuscany Italy!

Next on my ‘dream’ list was a Couples Session in New York City!  I couldn’t wait to photograph Anna and Max!  Anna and Max are from Moscow!  They are studying Theatre in New York City!  We had an incredible time together!  I was all smiles when the session was over and couldn’t stop telling my husband how down-to-earth they were!  I love meeting new people and enjoyed getting to know their culture!  Anna and Max were naturals in front of the camera!  I loved how they just relaxed and had fun.  That is my advice to all couples!  I want to capture you as you naturally are- interacting, laughing, smiling, just as you would if I wasn’t there!  We started at Bethesda Fountain and made our way to Bow Bridge within New York City’s Central Park!

New York City….one of my favorite places in America!  So much so that I convince my husband to go every year!  I can’t exactly pinpoint just one thing that I love about it!  It is definitely a combination of many things!  It is getting a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks on the corner and waltzing over to Bryant Park to enjoy it!  Endless people watching, 5th avenue and the latest trends in fashion, all of the eclectic food choices available, the fact that I can walk all over the place!  I could go on and on!

Over the Labor Day weekend, we ventured out that way once again!  This year with a toddler in tow and watching Barbie movies the entire way- I was mesmerized by the big city from the moment we drove in!  I watched her splash around and play in the Bryant Park fountain while I enjoyed a coffee!  My heart skipped a beat as we rode around together on the carousel and I listened to her sweet giggles, the same way my Nana did with me!  We went on the city sightseeing tour bus with the open roof and wind in my hair!  I could have rode around all of the loops all day long!

I am excited to share a few of my favorites from Max and Anna’s session!  It was a fun and unique experience – SO different from shooting in Ohio!  There were SO many people, everywhere!  This experience tops my charts for sure!


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