The Most Photogenic Wedding Dress

“What type of Wedding Dress Photographs the Best?”

One of the most asked questions I receive from brides is…asking “what type of dress would photograph the best?”  So I thought I‘d make a blog post about a few things to keep in mind while dress shopping!

In my experience, every woman, regardless of her shape has an area of her body that she’s self-conscious about, so recognizing what area that is in advance is key.  Choosing flattering silhouettes that complement your natural features is the best way to ensure CONFIDENCE that you’ll love the way you look in your photos.



I send out questionnaires to my couples a few months prior to the wedding…and I specifically ask about any areas of insecurities…so I can be aware of it.  I want you to have photos you LOVE.  The #1 most common area of insecurity I hear about from brides is ARMS!  Which is why I don’t recommend strapless, thin straps, or basically any dress without a sleeve!

I love bright, airy, clean, happy, and timeless images!  And I will pose you in the most flattering way for your body type!  But I am such an advocate of capturing you as you naturally are!  As a rule— I do not ‘photoshop’ images to alter clients’ physical appearance or features.  Unless it’s a blemish, please don’t ask me to photoshop you, it makes my heart hurt. You are beautiful in the natural way you were intended to be! We all have insecurities, but I have tips and tricks, to help you, such as outfit selections for your engagement session, as well as wedding dress selection tips…you don’t want to miss it!  If you choose strapless…and you don’t like how your skin folds in it…it can’t be photoshopped later.

So if arms are an area of insecurity for you…then my advice is…sleeves, sleeves, sleeves!  I think a lot of us only think of one kind of wedding dress….and that’s strapless.  When in reality, there are sooo many different style sleeves…so today I’d like to expose you some different sleeve styles!

I encourage you to at least try a dress with sleeves right after you’ve tried a strapless dress…and then consider your confidence level in each dress, ok?!  How did you feel?  Which dress were you the most CONFIDENT in?  Try it standing up…and also try it sitting down. How do you feel sitting down?  Pretend like its your first dance or we are in the chest to chest pose during portraits…and you have both of your arms up…wrapped around his neck!  Are there areas of the strapless dress that are not flattering for you?

So back to the original question: Which dress is the most photogenic?  The one you are most CONFIDENT in!


Types of Sleeves

I’ve spent the last few weeks researching wedding dress styles!  And I’ve found 7 different types of sleeves!

Yes!  Can you believe it?  There are THIS many styles of sleeves!

Cap Sleeve
Flutter Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Elbow length Sleeve
¾ Length Sleeve
Fitted Sleeve
Full Length Sleeve


Assessing Your Confidence Level


1.   Try Sitting in your dress
2.  Try Leaning over in your dress
3.  Try putting your arms up around his neck, like we would during portraits and your first dance?!
4.  Are you having to pull the dress up, over and over?
5.  Are there areas that you don’t like?  Make sure you love everything!  Because it will be in your shots!


Other Considerations

Besides the way you feel in a dress there also other reasons why you would want to consider sleeves.  And one of those may be for religious or cultural reasons.  Typically for Catholic masses, it isn’t appropriate to have bare shoulders.  My own wedding dress had cap sleeves, just for this reason alone.  I also loved that I didn’t need to keep pulling it up!  I felt completely comfortable and confident…and I think that’s portrayed in my wedding day images.  We had a Catholic ceremony and also my family heritage is Italian.  When you visit any church in Italy, the shoulders and knees must be covered.  My bridesmaids had shoulder wraps to wear for the ceremony.  It was such a classy look!  Another reason to consider sleeves could be the season you are in.  Especially for a winter wedding in Ohio, sleeveless will feel chilly all day.


The Sleeve Types Explained

1.  Cap Sleeve- the smallest type of sleeves, a few inches wide, that typically covers the top of the shoulder tip.  Perfect for brides having a religious ceremony where shoulder coverage may be required.

Polly by Morilee wedding dress

The Cap Sleeve Polly by Morilee

2.  Flutter Sleeve- a short loose sleeve that flutters when you move and typically made of lace or sheer.  Perfect for brides wanting to add a romantic or soft touch to their dress.

Sleeve Style Wedding Dress

The Cap Sleeve / Haldis by St. Patrick

3.  Short Sleeve- a sleeve about 5” to 7” in length, like a T-shirt sleeve length.  Perfect for brides looking for a less formal sleeve.

Short Sleeve Wedding Dress

The Short Sleeve / Xian by Pronovias

4.  Elbow length Sleeve- a sleeve that typically ends just at or below the elbow.

Sophia Tolli Elbow Length Sleeve Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses for 2017

The Elbow Length Sleeve / Gabrielle by Sophia Tolli

5.  ¾ Length Sleeve- a sleeve that typically ends about midway down the forearm.  Perfect for brides wanting a more elegant look without a fully conservative full-coverage length sleeve.

Hayley Paige Wedding Dress

The ¾ Length Sleeve / Rogers by Hayley Paige

6.  Fitted Sleeve- a full length snug-fitting sleeve that ends at the wrist.  Typically made of lace or tulle and opaque. Perfect for wanting a more elegant look with a less conservative feel.  And for anyone out there who is also a fan of the royals…Kate Middleton wore a full length snug-fitted sleeve that was see through!

Fitted Full Length Sleeve Wedding Dress

The Fitted Sleeve / Isabel by Lazaro

7.  Full Length Sleeve- a looser fitting, full-length sleeve that ends at the wrist.  Perfect for brides wanting a conservative feel or a winter wedding.  And for anyone out there who is a fan of the royals…Meghan Markle wore a full length looser fitting sleeve!

Full Length Sleeve Wedding Dress

The Full Length Sleeve / Abigail by Mon Cheri

So in conclusion, just remember brides….photogenic dresses and confidence go hand in hand!


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