Grange Audubon Center Engagement Session-1

When Sakiko mentioned wanting to include greenery and nature, I knew Grange Audubon Center would be the perfect location for their engagement session!  We had a beautiful and very bright sunny evening!  From the moment Sakiko filled out my inquiry form…we just had SO much in common!

Sakiko was born in California but Ohio is definitely her home!  She just graduated from OSU with her master’s degree the same day we did their session!  She has a twin sister and is an elite runner at The Columbus Running Company!  I’m sure you can already tell how much I instantly just loved her!  I also have a twin sister, graduated from OSU and have a deep love for running!  Evan was born and raised in Columbus!  He was also part of the CRC elite team, an OSU graduate and lives out in Colorado!

I have to admit…I was definitely a fan girl of both Sakiko and her twin sister!!  Two adorable twin running sisters…I couldn’t wait to cheer them on and follow their running triumphs through instagram!  Then one day, Sakiko’s inquiry for her wedding appeared in my inbox…and I couldn’t WAIT to meet her in person!

Sakiko and Evan met for the first time at a local race in Clintonville on the fourth of July.  It was Sakiko’s first time as a CRC elite and she remembers seeing Evan with a CRC jersey and telling her twin sister, “Look, he’s our teammate!”  She began to look for a running buddy on the days she didn’t have class…so she texted the group to see if anyone wanted to meet up with her!  Evan was the first one to text back and coincidentally, he was available on the same days!  They began running together more and one day he asked her to get brunch after a run and that was their first date!

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Evan proposed to Sakiko while he was back in Columbus for their friend’s wedding!  He asked if she wanted to meet up at Antrim Park to go for a run.  After the run, while stretching on the dock, they were chatting and that’s when Evan proposed to her right there!  This was a special place for them because it was the location where they went on their first run together.  What made it even more special was Sakiko’s family members hiding underneath the bridge, taking videos the entire time!!

We had SO much fun during their session!  Sakiko is someone I could chat with ALL day and Evan made me laugh SO much!  Here are just a few of my favorites!  I can’t WAIT for their wedding day!!

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