Are you wondering why you should invest in a wedding album? Maybe you even find yourself wondering if you should order a professional album versus creating one yourself? Or even if you should add an album on to your investment during the initial booking process or later? This blog will answer ALL of those questions for you!

To Ensure Preservation of Your Most Prized Memories

Technology is Changing Fast! Where will you house your images? An album is the perfect location! These are your one of your most PRIZED set of images captured in your lifetime!

Over the years, I have seen so many changes. For example, when I first began photography, images were delivered by personalized CD or DVD! That was only 8 years ago! Now laptops aren’t even sold with an internal drive to be able to see view those images.

The next trend in the photography world was to deliver images by USB! Guess what? My last two laptops do not even have a USB connector on my laptop! Yet again, a new device needs to purchased to be able to view those images.

My point? Technology is always changing. You’ve invested thousands into your beautiful wedding day imagery and they deserve to be preserved in one beautiful and special location– and that is your wedding album!

Wedding Album Cover

To Ensure Completion

How many times do we start a project and just never get around to completing it? Hiring your photographer to create your wedding album will simply ensure it gets done.

You hired your wedding photographer to be the ‘storyteller’ of your wedding day. Their art that they have created through capturing and documenting your memories tells a story. They are the experts in storytelling.

Your wedding album should also tell your unique story. Your wedding photographer will arrange and design your wedding album in a way that visually and emotionally tells the best story of your day!

Purchasing your album upfront can often help you to save on additional costs later. As labs continue to increase manufacturing costs, Wedding album pricing usually increases each season.

When your album is purchased up front, your wedding photographer will already know it is part of the process for your project and set aside scheduled time to work on it– thus increasing the turn around time for you to receive the finished product!

It is an Heirloom

Your wedding album is your very first family Heirloom! You can pass it down and can you image what an amazing gift that would make for your children someday? To be able to pass on an album for them once they are old enough to appreciate it? They would CHERISH that. They would look back through the album and see exactly who you were, what you wore, what your taste/vibe of your day was like!

Our own wedding album sits proudly displayed on on our shelf! Anytime guests come over, that is the first thing everyone asks! Can we see your wedding album? The answer is always yes, of course!

Over the last few years, the sweetest moments are when our little girl asks to see our album! She tells me how beautiful I looked and that my flowers were so pretty! It makes my heart burst with love to know that someday it will be hers! For this reason alone, I will never regret having invest in a wedding album!


The quality of your Heirloom album is vastly different than what you would receive had a friend or family member created it for you via a ‘DIY’ site.

There are too many differences to name but the most important being the archival papers used in a professional grade wedding album– as it is designed to withstand the test of time.

The pages are thick and lavish making it a keepsake that lasts for generations. Another notable difference is that a profession album has a more luxurious and sturdy cover. A professional album also boasts beautiful and consistent color reproduction on every page.

The Perfect way to End the wedding Experience

The day you receive your Heirloom album in the mail will feel so nostalgic to you!! It is the perfect way to end your Wedding Experience! You and your newly married partner can sit down together and relive all of the most special memories of your day- page by page! You can hold and treasure this amazing heirloom with all of your memories preserved inside!

Your wedding album is the perfect way to show off the results of the all of the planning that went into this one special day!

It is so sweet to go back and have a look and notice new things each time you flip through it! You will remember all of the special parts of your day and the imagery will evoke all of the special emotions you felt that day! Aren’t photos so powerful?! To have the entire day summed up in on special location is incredible and something you’ll never regret doing!

Wedding Album page layout

Wedding Albums Make Great Gifts

Wedding albums are also a great way to say thank you to parents/family that may have helped you by investing their time or money into making your wedding day possible.

Parents and grandparents cherish photos gifts such as album and I really can’t think of a more practical gift than giving someone the gift of memories! Duplicate parent albums are also available to purchase!

Words from Real Brides

We are so glad we invested in the wedding album because it is something we will have for the rest of our lives! The quality of the book and the pictures bring a smile to our face every time we look through it.

We gifted books to our parents and they were overjoyed! Once our family members saw the book we actually ended up ordering an additional.

The wedding album is something we will always be able to open and remember the amazing day we had. The book is a truly a great way to highlight all the special parts of your special day!

-Danielle & Chris

Tyler and I love our wedding album! It’s such a good reminder of such an important day in both of our lives! The pictures are so beautifully done and I get so excited every-time we go to look at the Book! Belinda did an amazing job at choosing the right pictures!! I truly am so happy we decided to get the album! Years from now it will be amazing to look back at our wedding day through these photos!

-Maggie & Tyler

My husband and I would highly recommend investing in a wedding album. We were able to customize the book with our favorite pictures and will now be able to easily look back at our special day.

The process was quick and easy. The only hard part was narrowing down to our favorite photos! We couldn’t be more happy to have invested in our wedding album!

-Sarah & Ken

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